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A limited number of Scholarships are available to all aspirants seeking admission at Jain Global School for the categories mentioned below. The corpus for these scholarships is arranged to extend a supporting hand to right candidates so that they can fulfill their dreams of quality education at an affordable fee. The details of the scholarships are mentioned below:

Type of Scholarships Scholarship Grant Criteria for application
Merit Based Scholarship Rs.10,000/- Per annum - Merit Based Scholarship shall be provided to students with exceptional academic performances.
- The scholarship is available for Class III onwards and shall be provided to students whose performance is not less than 95%.
Merit Cum Means Scholarship Rs.5000/-Per annum - Merit Cum Means scholarship takes academics into consideration, but focuses more on other factors such as the economic
Scholarship for Sports Rs.5000/-Per annum - Students with strong physical skills and academics can avail this scholarship.
- There is a scholarship for every single sport.
Scholarships for Creativity Rs.5000/-Per annum - These Scholarships are for those students who are budding artists and want to pursue their passion in art, music and dance.
- These scholarships involve an audition within the school premises.
Armed Forces Scholarships Rs. 5000/- per annum - These Scholarships are for the wards of those parents who serve in the Army, Navy or Air-Force or any other defence forces of the country. - The grades of such students shall not be less than 80%.
Single parent scholarship/ Orphan Students Scholarship. Rs. 5000/- per annum - These scholarships will be provided to help the marginalised sections of the society. - To avail this scholarship, the grades of the student shall not be less than 70% and the family income of the student shall not be more than Rs. 2,00,000 (Rs. 2 Lacs) per annum.
• The availability of the scholarship is subject to verification of documents and number of seats available in a particular class.

• The school reserves right to allow or refuse any scholarship. The parents must not consider it as their right.

• Once the grant of scholarship is allowed, it can be retained by a student on the basis of his / her performance and discipline.

• The scholarship will be reimbursed in monthly fee.

• One can avail only one Scholarship at a time.